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Flexible EL Neon Wire-JJ's Jems
Flexible EL Neon Wire-JJ's Jems
Flexible EL Neon Wire-JJ's Jems
Flexible EL Neon Wire-JJ's Jems

Flexible EL Neon Wire

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EL wire is flexible electric wire that glows brightly and can be used virtually anywhere.

EL wire is short for Electroluminescent wire. EL Wire is a super bright glowing plastic wire.

It is extremely flexible (tightest bend recommended would be similiar to the edge of a 1 cent) and lightweight which makes it a great addition to costumes, clothing, bikes, helmets, and anything you can think of!

It is available in a rainbow of colours, all of which are very impressive to see. It is best used in night/dark light applications as sunlight is obviously much brighter. EL wire is coated in a layer of plastic tubing to protect it from the elements.

EL wire is a soft 360 degree glow around the whole length of wire (unlike LED which has specific points that light up) EL wire varies in brightness based on the colour as well as the length of wire and driver choice.

The wire is a highly visible Polar Light 2 (2nd generation, highly efficient).

The wire when lit will have a neon look to it, very similar to a neon sign. It is great for outlining, highlights, and shapes.

Included in the pack

1 x Green flexible EL wire

1 x Battery Pack (Batteries not included)

  • Wire Diameter 2.3mm
  • Wire Length 3M
  • Voltage AV90V-130V
  • Frequency 400Hz-500Hz
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries
  • Working Temperature 40C to 80C



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